javascript – Is there a nice way to wrap a JQuery based widget into a module that can be easily used in Vue.js?

As far as creating a portable and cross-framework library is concerned, I would think of jQuery allows as simply a dependency that you create certain elements and perform certain tasks, which you would intercept and/or modify according to the target framework’s requirements. So, you are essentially creating a wrapper component around it, as the top … Read more

Design a Nice Horizontal Sliding Presentation for iOS Using Swift 5 | by Margels | Jul, 2022

Design Dribbble-like UIs for your iOS App — Part 1 Thank you Maria Lupan for the nice photograph in the background! Hello there! It’s me again, with yet another tutorial for your iOS Apps. Hope you haven’t grown tired of them yet, because today I came up with a nice solution to a very common … Read more