Hands-on with MongoDB queryable encryption and Node.js

MongoDB 6 introduced the capability to query encrypted data in the database. Data is encrypted for the entire round trip: at insert, storage, and query. This amounts to a new level of security for data, which remains secure even as it is used within the database. Only the client application is capable of decrypting the … Read more

Node.js vs PHP – DZone Java

Web development is a wide field that incorporates many features you need comprehensive knowledge about. Node.js vs PHP are some of the most developed technologies that are mostly featured in web development activities. These two technologies take part in the development of the server-side. However, Node.js tend to serve the client-side and the server-side development. … Read more

How To Create Beautiful Command Line Interactions With Node.js | by Jose Granja | Aug, 2022

Inquierer.js, a must-known Node.js library Image by Author Node.js has seen a lot of competition lately. The most well-known competitor for a while has been Deno. Recently it has seen how Bun has gained a lot of traction and popularity. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Node.js is dead just yet. It has always … Read more

Deno vs. Node.js: Which is better?

In this article, you’ll learn about Node.js and Deno, the differences between CommonJS and ECMAScript modules, using TypeScript with Deno, and faster deployments with Deno Deploy. We’ll conclude with notes to help you decide between using Node.js or Deno for your next development project. What is Node.js? Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that … Read more

Build a Discord Bot Using Node.js, Discord.js, and OpenAI GPT-3 | by christianschuller | Aug, 2022

Add an AI to your Discord server Photo montage of an AI-generated image of a robot chasing a screaming man Artificial intelligence is the fad tech right now, and many developers want to start creating projects with it. Training your own AI to use it in your project can be quite challenging for beginners, though. … Read more

Create a Millisecond-Precision Time Ticks Chart with NodeJS

Hello! Omar from LightningChart here. As my first article for DZone, I wanted to experiment with how to create different charts available from the lcjs library. This time, I’ll walk you through how to create a time ticks chart using NodeJS and the lcjs library. JS Time Ticks Chart There are several options for placing … Read more

How to Leverage Speech-to-Text With Node.js

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of speech recognition technology and its common applications, and to demonstrate a free speech-to-text API which can be used to transcribe audio in MP3 and WAV file formats. This demonstration will include step-by-step instructions to call this API using ready-to-run Node.js code examples. Overview … Read more

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta)

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta) tron-blockchain USDT and USDD are two stable coins on Tron Blockchain. They are both TRC-20 tokens or coins. There are Shasta and Nile Test Net on which the TRC-20 contract addresses for USDT and USDD are different than those on main … Read more