Tutorial: Build a Simple Rust App and Connect It to ScyllaDB NoSQL

ScyllaDB, an open-source database for data-intensive applications that require high performance and low latency, is an excellent match for Rust. Similar to the Rust programming language and the Tokio framework, ScyllaDB is built on an asynchronous, non-blocking runtime that works well for building highly-reliable low-latency distributed applications. The ScyllaDB team has developed the scylla-rust-driver, an … Read more

What is NoSQL? Databases for a cloud-scale future

One of the most fundamental choices to make when developing an application is whether to use a SQL or NoSQL database to store the data. Conventional databases, meaning relational databases that use SQL (Structured Query Language) for queries, are the product of decades of technology evolution, good practice, and real-world stress testing. They are designed … Read more

JIT Compilation of SQL in NoSQL

Hi everyone! My name is Georgy Lebedev, and I’m a part of Tarantool’s kernel development team. In 2021, we participated in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for the first time: one of the proposed projects was migration of SQL from VDBE to a JIT platform — that’s where my journey in Tarantool began. Having … Read more

SQL vs. NoSQL: Pros and Cons

What’s the best way to store, protect, and access your data? This is a fundamental, yet critical decision. After all, data is the cornerstone of success for just about every modern organization. For most companies, the choice comes down to SQL and NoSQL databases. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses. SQL databases have been a … Read more

How MongoDB’s NoSQL database is encrusting on relational database turf

After overcoming early criticism and securing a position as a leading NoSQL document database, MongoDB appears to be taking steps to broaden its user base from developers to include traditional database professionals. At its annual MongoDB World conference in New York this week, the company announced a slew of new features across its products, including … Read more

Making Life Easy Around Data: Java, Jakarta EE

There is no doubt about the importance of data around the application. We often talk about a stateless application, and it is the data where we delegate the state of the application. If the architecture is the mind, the information is the heart. This article will cover more about the next steps of Jakarta EE … Read more

Challenges of Building a Next-Gen Gambling App

Imagine you’re watching a baseball game. In the middle of the fifth inning, your pitcher throws a strike and then another one. The fan sitting next to you jumps to his feet in a jubilant celebration. You could be forgiven for wondering what’s going on. After all, it takes three strikes to get a batter … Read more

ScyllaDB Cloud Using Node.js (Part 2): CRUD

In the first part of this tutorial, I walked you through how to create a ScyllaDB cluster in the cloud and connect to the database using CQLSH and ScyllaDB Drivers. In part 2 here, we will explore how to create, read, update and delete data using NodeJS and ScyllaDB Cloud. You can also find the … Read more