python – Creating a loop for optimization using random numbers

I’m trying to do optimization using random numbers (with specified range of values). My code is below: x_1 = np.random.uniform(100,1200) x_2 = np.random.uniform(-5,3) x_3 = np.random.uniform(20,300) x_4 = np.random.uniform(1.1,2.9) params = { ‘X1’: x_1, ‘X2’: x_2, ‘X3’: x_3 , ‘X4’: x_4 } states = { ‘production_store’: 0.60 * params[‘X1’], ‘routing_store’: 0.70 * params[‘X3’] } # … Read more

How to add page numbers with their own overlay background to PDF using Ghostscript?

Finally it works. I’ve made 2 variants of the script. The 1st one is just page numbering where numbers have obscuring background so that motley pdf stuff could not make the numbers less readable. See: globaldict /MyPageCount 16 put << /EndPage { exch pop 0 eq dup { /Helvetica 12 selectfont MyPageCount =string cvs dup … Read more