OAuth vs JWT: An In-Depth Comparison

Authentication is one of the core functions of applications on the internet today, one that many developers are familiar with. Yet, actually implementing authentication correctly requires understanding several standards and protocols. Two of the most important of these authentication standards are OAuth and JWT (JSON Web Tokens). Looking to make sense of OAuth and JWT? … Read more

oauth 2.0 – Identity Server 4 connect/token works when self hosted but not when post

I built an .NET Core 3.1 IdentityServer4 to protect some API endpoints: public static class Config { public static IConfiguration Configuration { get; } public static IEnumerable<IdentityResource> IdentityResources => new IdentityResource[] { new IdentityResources.OpenId(), new IdentityResources.Profile(), }; public static IEnumerable<ApiScope> ApiScopes => new ApiScope[] { new ApiScope(“DEMO_SCOPE”), new ApiScope(“SCOPE1”) }; public static IEnumerable<Client> Clients => … Read more