python – How to remove dataframe rows with empty objects

Here is a way to do what your question asks based on the annotation column which contains values ‚Äč‚Äčthat look like lists but are actually strings: df = df[df.annotation.apply(eval).str.len() > 0] Column annotation from sample input (taken from df.head(15) in your question): annotation 0 [‘dad with recent heart attcak’] 1 [‘mom with “thyroid disease’] 2 … Read more

c# – Send objects to UserControl

I am trying to send objects to an UserControlbut I cannot figure what’s wrong? Here is my UserControl : namespace VSTEEL.UserControls { /// <summary> /// Interaction logic for UserControlListOperations.xaml /// </summary> public partial class UserControlListOperations : UserControl,INotifyPropertyChanged { public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; public void NotifyPropertyChanged(string nomPropriete) { if (PropertyChanged != null) PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(nomPropriete)); } … Read more

python – How to manage the same frame like 2 different objects importing it from the same file

My goal is to have stored in file one “”, importing it from “” and to use it multiple times as many times I need and use they like different objects storing for eachone their own variables some shared and other not shared, without loosing it after self.Destroy(). The reason is because my “” is … Read more

java – Problem whet embedded objects: Unable to find column with logical name

I have two tables in a MySQL Database. One is named documento_tributario_electronico and the other is named detalle. The documento_Tributario_electronico table is: CREATE TABLE `documento_tributario_electronico` ( `tipo_documento` INT(11) NOT NULL, `numero` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `fecha_emision` DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘curdate()’, `indicador_no_rebaja` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `tipo_despacho` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `indicador_traslado` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, … Read more

javascript – How can I access and process nested objects, arrays or JSON?

Preliminaries JavaScript has only one data type which can contain multiple values: Object. An Array is a special form of object. (Plain) Objects have the form {key: value, key: value, …} Arrays have the form [value, value, …] Both arrays and objects expose a key -> value structure. Keys in an array must be numeric, … Read more

c# – Generic Method to Flatten a Collection of Nested Objects into a DataTable?

If you’re only working with one type of business object (in this case, Customer), then I recommend @Huntbook’s answer, as that s simplifies this problem. That said, if you truly need for this to be a generic method because eg, you’ll be handling a variety of different business objects (ie, not exclusively Customer), then you … Read more

What are hashable objects? – Python Morsels

By Trey Hunner Watch as video 03:25 What are hashable objects? Sets items must be hashable The elements in a set must be hashable. Strings and numbers are hashable: >>> colors = {“pink”, “blue”, “green”, “purple”} >>> choices = {10, 20, 30, 40} Tuples of strings and numbers are also hashable: >>> coordinates = {(0, … Read more