oop – expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token (C++)

I am trying to learn c++ and I have come across an exercise that is giving me quite a bit of trouble. The compiler is giving me a number of errors, in particular the following: expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token Book(int=0, const string&=” “, const string&=” “, int=0, const string&=” “, double=0.0); Could … Read more

Insights for Dealing With PHP OOP Limitations When Keeping Specific Implementations at the Edges of a Software | by Lucas Pereyra | May, 2022

A short guide to help your code go further Photo by Ben Griffiths on Unsplash Keeping specific implementations at the edges of software is a well-known best practice in software development, and it usually works well as a heuristic for building powerful object-oriented structures and easy-to-maintain code. The general idea refers to having classes know … Read more