How To Use Supertokens’ Pre Built UI With Vuejs

SuperTokens is an open-source project which enables you to add auth to your app quickly. It gives you a pre-built auth UI and backend APIs for an end-to-end integration experience. Before we dive into the code, let’s discuss the overall architecture. Architecture SuperTokens is built out of three components: Frontend SDK Backend SDK Core microservice … Read more

How to Upgrade TiDB Safely

As a fast-growing open source NewSQL database, TiDB frequently releases new features and improvements. If you are a TiDB user, you may have found it hard to decide whether or not to upgrade your version. You may have also wondered how to make your upgrade journey safer, smoother, and even unnoticed by business. On the … Read more

Key Takeaways: Adrian Cockcroft’s talk on Netflix, CD, and Microservices

One of the big draws of the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference was Adrian Cockcroft’s talk, “Deliver Faster and Spend Less with Cloud Native Microservices.” Cockcroft is an experienced speaker on the conference circuit and he’s well-known as the architect who led Netflix into its new era of scale and agility. He now works for Battery … Read more

Total Bummer: Pivotal Drops Groovy

Pivotal announced yesterday that Groovy 2.4 And Grails 3.0 will be the last major releases under Pivotal sponsorship. This is big news that has not surprisingly created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. In this post, I describe some of the questions that others and I are wondering about and speculate on Groovy’s future. … Read more

7 Best MQTT Client Tools Worth Trying

With the rapid development of the IoT industry, the MQTT protocol is being used by more companies and developers. In the process of learning and using MQTT, a handy client tool can help developers debug IoT applications, explore the features of MQTT, and shorten the development cycle. There are a wide variety of MQTT client … Read more

Delivering the Future of Uber-Like Apps With AI an

Uber is, so far, the most popular ride-sharing application, with over 93 million users globally. The application was a revolutionary solution back in 2009; for over 13 years, it has kept increasing revenue. In 2015 Uber was one of the first to adopt machine learning for processing big data. Within the next 3 years, the … Read more

How to Write RFCs for Open Source Projects

About RFCs The importance of RFCs has been emphasized by many people. As @tison said in How to Participate in the Apache project community: A description is certainly needed for any non-trivial change to explain the motivation. For major changes, design documentation becomes even more necessary since no one has a permanent memory, and people … Read more

How to Build Spark Lineage for Data Lakes

When a data pipeline breaks, data engineers need to immediately understand where the rupture occurred and what has been impacted. Data downtime is costly. Without data lineage—a map of how assets are connected and data moves across its lifecycle—data engineers might as well conduct their incident triage and root cause blindfolded analysis. Developing data lineage … Read more

A Complete Guide to Web Pentesting

It’s critical to ensure that your website is secure if you’re running one. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, and if they can find one on your site, they could do serious damage. That’s where web penetration testing comes into the scene. Web penetration testing is the act of detecting and exploiting security … Read more