How can I import OpenCV library to React-Native project

I have been struggling with OpenCV in react-native for a week now and finally got it working. There is this very good article together with this repo which describes in details on how to do get it running. However I could not make the code from this repo working by following the steps … Read more

Getting accurate results with the stereoCalibrate function on OpenCV: learnprogramming

Hi guys, I’ve done python off/on for a few years now but have been really getting into triangulating positions with cameras recently but this one is giving me a head scratcher. I want to triangulate positions about 5m away from two camera that are 1m apart and are parallel. I’ve made a rendition of code … Read more

opencv – Is there a way to detect if an image is blurry?

During some work with an auto-focus lens, I came across this very useful set of algorithms for detecting image focus. It’s implemented in MATLAB, but most of the functions are quite easy to port to OpenCV with filter2D. It’s basically a survey implementation of many focus measurement algorithms. If you want to read the original … Read more

python – How to capture multiple camera streams with OpenCV?

To capture multiple streams with OpenCV, I recommend using threading which can improve performance by alleviating the heavy I/O operations to a separate thread. Since accessing the webcam/IP/RTSP stream using cv2.VideoCapture().read() is a blocking operation, our main program is stuck until the frame is read from the camera device. If you have multiple streams, this … Read more

How to find extreme outer points in an image with Python OpenCV

Rather than inspecting every single element (and stalling the CPU with an if statement for every pixel) it is probably faster to sum all the elements down every column. They should come to 600*255, or 153,000 if they are all white. So, then find where 153,000 minus the column-total is non-zero. The first and last … Read more

Processing Images in Java With OpenCV and Quarkus

If you are into computer vision, you probably are familiar with OpenCV. It’s an amazing library that has almost everything one needs to do 2D and 3D processing and much more. Gesture recognition, face detection, Motion tracking, think of anything related to image processing and OpenCV can be your goto. It’s based on the BSD … Read more