Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies – DZone Performance

Using data to optimize your website’s performance is an effective way to discover new test ideas and insights. This can help you increase your website’s overall conversion rate, as well as boost your email subscriptions or product purchases. The key is to identify opportunities to test variations of your pages to see which ones convert … Read more

python – Creating a loop for optimization using random numbers

I’m trying to do optimization using random numbers (with specified range of values). My code is below: x_1 = np.random.uniform(100,1200) x_2 = np.random.uniform(-5,3) x_3 = np.random.uniform(20,300) x_4 = np.random.uniform(1.1,2.9) params = { ‘X1’: x_1, ‘X2’: x_2, ‘X3’: x_3 , ‘X4’: x_4 } states = { ‘production_store’: 0.60 * params[‘X1’], ‘routing_store’: 0.70 * params[‘X3’] } # … Read more

Django Performance Improvements — Code Optimization | by Esther Vaati | Jul, 2022

Part 2 of 4 Developers continually optimize for performance as it helps applications run faster and make users happy. Code optimization is a technique that is applied to improve the quality of code and efficiency. Code optimization involves writing code that takes the least time to execute in this second part of performance in Django … Read more

Understand the MySQL Index Optimization Artifact | by Dwen | Jun, 2022

MySQL index optimization tutorial Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash With the increasing number of users and data volume, the slow query is an unavoidable problem. In general, if a slow query occurs, it means that the interface responds slowly, the interface times out, and other problems. If it is a high concurrency scenario, the … Read more

Performance optimization strategies of last resort

OK, you’re defining the problem to where it would seem there is not much room for improvement. That is fairly rare, in my experience. I tried to explain this in a Dr. Dobbs article in November 1993, by starting from a conventionally well-designed non-trivial program with no obvious waste and taking it through a series … Read more