sql server – Optimizing MySQL query with INNER JOINS, LEFT JOINS, GROUP BY and HAVING

I’m having trouble optimizing this really big query and I can’t change the table structure except creating additional indexes and small adjustments. SELECT ‘Fattura Prodotti Postali’ AS `type`, SUM(dpd.qta) AS `products_count_quantity`, COUNT(dpd.IDlavorazione_dett) AS `products_count`, dpd.IDlavorazione_dett AS `IDlavorazione_dett`, dp.prod_totali- CAST(dp.opzione1 AS UNSIGNED) AS `process_products_count`, dp.IDdistinta AS `product_code`, dp.data_distinta AS `process_date`, dp.IDesito AS `process_status_id`, dp.note AS `process_note`, … Read more

Optimizing Firmware: Shipping IoT Devices on Time

Every product manager knows the complexities involved with shipping a device on time- complexities that result in 45% of products missing their launch date. Orchestrating mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, test automation, marketing, and more is difficult. Each one is challenging on its own, but all are made more complicated because most of these don’t … Read more