android – How to Make Sense of Dagger Hilt Build Output – Migrating from Dagger 2 to Hilt

Since posts are limited to 30,000 characters I will post the AppComponent and Modules here. App Component: @Singleton @Component(modules = [AppModule::class, NetworkService::class, AnalyticsModule::class]) interface AppComponent { fun providesNetworkService(): NetworkService fun inject(activity: MapActivity) fun inject(viewModel: NetworkBaseViewModel) fun inject(application: BaseApplication) fun inject(contactsDataSourceFactory: ContactsDataSourceFactory) fun inject(contactDetailViewModel: ContactDetailViewModel) fun inject(contactDetailFragment: ContactDetailFragment) fun inject(contactDetailEditFragment: ContactDetailEditFragment) fun inject(contactDetailCreateFragment: ContactDetailCreateFragment) fun inject(contactsListViewModel: … Read more

unity3d – Unity Facebook SDK error (Building Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/ failed with output)

I have a building problem and it occurred after importing facebook SDK into the game. Does anybody have a solution? Player Settings Building Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/ failed with output: Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/4osi_ity.Canvas.o: In function CanvasJSWrapper_init_m7F37E8D602676BCF848A03B7E02C9FBECE38281F’: /Users/mce/Champy/bladebender3d/Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/il2cppOutput/cpp/Facebook.Unity.Canvas.cpp:334: undefined reference to init’ Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/4osi_ity.Canvas.o: In function CanvasJSWrapper_login_m690FB8B413DB1BA3F10CE5EFB74C2678B3FD166B’: /Users/mce/Champy/bladebender3d/Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/il2cppOutput/cpp/Facebook.Unity.Canvas.cpp:363: undefined reference to login’ Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/4osi_ity.Canvas.o: In function CanvasJSWrapper_Logout_m765321CDCDD0B2FF217EC45ED32F7EC33AA74D55′: /Users/mce/Champy/bladebender3d/Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/il2cppOutput/cpp/Facebook.Unity.Canvas.cpp:380: undefined reference to logout’ Library/Bee/artifacts/Android/d8kzr/4osi_ity.Canvas.o: … Read more

python – Tensorflow: An error of incompatible between output of Dense layer and the shape of the label: logits and labels must have the same first dimension

I have a question about the output shape of Dense layer. In my case, the ground truth of labels is a 155 long list. The data part is converted from image. The dataset was assembled: dataset =, labels)) dataset = dataset.batch(1) In order to know the shape of dataset, a iteration is conducted: import … Read more

c# – Object is not output

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. This post was edited and submitted for review 14 min ago. Sources : Client : play : connetct.bat(win10 : Client.exe Property ( – Compatibility Tab – Compatible mode (windows 7)) menu select(CONTINUE) map teleport : enter … Read more

Python Printing Arranged Output of extracted HTML tags

In the following HTML code, trying to extract AND organize the extracted output: html_doc = “”” <html> <body> <ul class=”unordered-list”> <li class=”menu-category”> <div class=”h4 category-name section-title”>Birds Toys</div> <div class=”category-description”>Toys belonging to the Bird Category</div> <ul class=”menu-items-list unordered-list”> <li class=”menu-items”> <div class=”h6 item-main”> <span class=”item-title”>Eagle</span> <span class=”item-price”>$40.00</span> </div> <p class=”description”>Eagle is the national bird of the … Read more

python – live output from subprocess command

Executive Summary (or “tl;dr” version): it’s easy when there’s at most one subprocess.PIPEotherwise it’s hard. It may be time to explain a bit about how subprocess.Popen does its thing. (Caveat: this is for Python 2.x, although 3.x is similar; and I’m quite fuzzy on the Windows variant. I understand the POSIX stuff much better.) The … Read more

c++ – wrong output searching in binary files using seekg() & seekp()

First, there is no way the code above will compile without error or warning. Specifically due to your use of: void setname(string tempname){ … tempname.copy(name , len); The .copy() member function is not a member of std::stringbut instead a member of std::basic_string_view (C++17). The compiler does not know what .copy() is in that circumstance. Instead, … Read more