webpack – Using jest-snapshot without jest – import giving ScriptTransformer module parse failed

I’m trying to create a custom matcher for jasmine using jest-snapshot. I found an example online of doing it with Mocha so have just adapted it, however, I’m getting an error when importing jest-snapshot and many hours later have been unable to solve it I’m using webpack 4.35, karma 6.3 karma-webpack 4.0.2, karma-jasmine 2.0.1, babel … Read more

Parse Json to listview in java

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python 3.x – I need an efficient way too loop over an SQL query, parse some columns, and save in a new table

It’s been three(3) days now trying to implement this idea, I want to query a database ic4projournal.db with a changing parameter branch_idand get some of its values, then manipulate those values ​​and put them in a new table in the same database, this is my code: for branch_id in branch_list: # Query database on each … Read more

java – Using picoCLI to recursively parse configuration files?

Here’s my solution; maybe it’s useful to someone. The basic approach is to use a new CommandLine instance for each nested config file. All code snippets below are from the annotated class; project-specific housekeeping, error checking, path construction etc. were removed. Problem #1 is solved by the parseConfigFile(…) method: @Option(names = { “configfile”, “cf” } … Read more

php – PHPMailer w/SMTP to MailGun after a few hundred emails, get error: 451 Failed to parse header: malformed data; unexpected EOF

Using PHPMailer v 6.6.0 with SMTP to MailGun running PHP 7.4.28 & MySQL. The below code is in a foreach loop generating over 1,000 emails. Can send emails locally (using PHPMailer) without issue, but when sending externally via SMTP to MailGun, after a hundred or more emails have been sent, will have an SMTP communication … Read more