Appreciating Python’s match-case by parsing Python code — Python Morsels

Trey Hunner 9 minute read • Python 3.10 I stayed up past my bedtime recently and made a script and later a web app to convert a dataclass to a non-dataclass. The web app is powered by a WebAssembly build of Python (which also powers my Python pastebin tool). While making this script I found … Read more

parsing – PHP parse/syntax errors; and how to solve them

Conditional control blocks if, elseif and else follow a simple structure. When you encounter a syntax error, it’s most likely just invalid block nesting → with missing { curly braces } – or one too many. Missing { or } due to incorrect indentation Mismatched code braces are common to less well-formatted code such as: … Read more

java – parsing json Object but data added two times in arralist in android studio kotlin

I am parsing Json data in an Arraylist but data added two times i removed temp.addAll(value) line but Nothing happened.please help me and answers should be in Kotlin if Possible. here is the code Pojo classes: class Restaurant_info ( val id :String?=null, val name :String?=null, val rating : String?=null, val cost_for_one: String?=null, val image_url: String?=null … Read more

Parsing and Generating YAML in Go | by Matt Cadorette | Jun, 2022

A crash course Let’s mess with YAML! This article offers a crash course on parsing and creating YAML in Go using a very basic program as an example. I’m not sure about you, but when I hear terms like ‘marshal’ and ‘unmarshal’, the last thing that comes to mind is converting YAML to a struct. … Read more

javascript – How to handle parsing of JSON data of the following format?

I am working on a web application using Flask that helps users to create sketches, element by element. To come up with a data structure for handling such a use case, I came up with the following note: var canvas_data = {“pencil”: [], “line”: [], “rectangle”: [], “circle”: [], “eraser”: [], “last_action”: [] }; Here … Read more

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I am trying to pass a json file as parameters to aws cli command but am greeted with an error:Error parsing parameter ‘cli-input-json’: Invalid JSON received.Which stems from the error:json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) I am using the latest AWS CLI version I am running the commands through windows powershell. The … Read more