Detect and Blur Human Faces Using JavaScript on Your Website | by Hrishikesh Pathak | Jul, 2022

AI capable of detecting and blurring human faces can take a key role in content moderation is this digital era for your website. Detect and blur human faces using Pixlab demo Content moderation is very necessary for a website. If you are developing a website where users can upload images, then you have to be … Read more

Go Offline with MongoDB Realm | by Markandey Pathak

Choosing a data store for mobile applications can be a daunting experience for Flutter developers Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash Realm’s mobile database is an open-source, developer-friendly alternative to KeyValue pairs, SQLite and Firestore. Start in minutes and save yourself weeks of work. Realm is offline first, object-oriented, intuitive, and is built for … Read more