Writing Better Code With Go Concurrency Patterns | by Jason Ngan | Aug, 2022

Simple techniques every developer should know Photo by Sergio Souza on Pexels Writing concurrent programs has never been easier with the advent of Goroutines. Though handy, the Goroutines are also prone to hardly traceable bugs if not handled with care. The good news is that some of them are preventable if you have a solid … Read more

Design Patterns for Microservices Architectures

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Microservices and Containerization Trend Report. For more: Read the Report Applications have been built with monolithic architectures for decades; However, many are now moving to a microservices architecture. Microservices architectures gives us faster development speed, scalability, reliability, the flexibility to develop each component with the best tech stack … Read more

Big Data Processing, Apache Spark: Design Patterns

In my previous post, I demonstrated how Spark creates and serializes tasks. In this post, I show how to utilize this knowledge to construct Spark applications in a maintainable and upgradable way, where at the same time “task not serializable” exceptions are avoided. When I participated in a big data project, I needed to program … Read more

Differences: Static Class vs. Singleton Patterns

When developing apps with C# in the .NET framework, you have a choice between two single, shared class instances. Whether you decide to use a static keyword or a singleton design pattern depends on several factors, which are outlined in the article below. Key Differences Between Static Classes and Singleton Patterns Put simply, a singleton … Read more

Common B2B SaaS Integration Patterns and When to Use Them

According to a recent survey, the number of SaaS companies has grown to more than 25,000 worldwide. In general, businesses that subscribe to SaaS products work with multiple SaaS vendors and expect that the apps will integrate with each other. To address this, some SaaS companies build bespoke integrations into their apps, while others go … Read more

Types of UI Design Patterns Depending on Your Idea

Nowadays, UI and UX design are essential for almost every business. Without these technologies, every device or software usage would be unattractive or even impossible. But what are they, and why are they important? UI vs. UX What Is the Difference? First of all, why could they be met together? All of us at least … Read more

Serverless Integration Patterns: Orchestration and Choreography | by Pablo Iorio | Apr, 2022

This article describes serverless integration patterns based on choreography and orchestration, pro-cons, and when to use them In a monolith, in-process communication between components happens either via method invocation of function calls. When you are building a cloud solution, communication between components is a lot harder. By component, I am referring generically to any type … Read more