oracle – JAVA app on Kubernetes still uses broken connection after Connection reset by peer using Hikari

After trying to figure out whats wrong with our app, I have decided to look here for some help. We have a JAVA app which uses below packages for Hikari database pool +— com.custom.gwtext:gwtext-server | +— org.hibernate:hibernate-hikaricp:5.4.6.Final | | +— org.hibernate:hibernate-core:5.4.6.Final (*) | | — com.zaxxer:HikariCP:3.2.0 -> 3.3.0 | | — org.slf4j:slf4j-api:1.7.25 -> 1.7.36 | … Read more

python – ‘Connection reset by peer’ error when retrieving HTML data

I am trying to get HTML data using BeautifulSoup but I keep getting Connection reset by peer error. Any help would be highly appreciated # importing the libraries from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests url=”” # Make a GET request to fetch the raw HTML content html_content = requests.get(url).text # Parse the html content soup … Read more

python – Dask-SLURMCluster: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

I’m running into a problem using a Xarray together with SLURMcluster from Dask. I’m using pandas_plink to load some data into a Xarray, then filtering it and making some calculations. Everything works fine as long I’m not using a SLURMCluster. In that case .compute() kills the kernel. I think that it might load the whole … Read more

Understand How a Blockchain Peer to Peer Network Works | by Abhishek Chauhan | Apr, 2022

How a blockchain uses a p2p network to solve the double-spending issue as well as exclude financial institutions? blockchain p2p network | photo credit: Jack Moreh In this article, you will see how the cryptocurrency P2P network works. You will explore different blockchains policies specifically and the P2P network in general by breaking the P2P … Read more