Modern Way to Host a Site on IPFS | by Luke Gloege, Ph.D. | Jun, 2022

Using, GitHub Actions, and IPNS “Profile” by Katerina Limpitsouni (source This article is an updated version of my “Guide to Hosting Websites on IPFS.” In the time since that article was published, I have streamlined my approach and distilled the process of updating my website down to three commands: git push gh run … Read more

10 Text Preprocessing Benchmarks on CPU, GPU, and TPU | by Bruce H. Cottman, Ph.D. | Jun, 2022

NLP benchmarks Python code and benchmarks for ten different spaCy text preprocessing actions Figure 1. Racing computing platforms. Source: Photo: Pietro Mattia on Unsplash Estimates state that 70%–85% of the world’s data is text (unstructured data). New deep learning language models (transformers) have also caused explosive growth in industrial applications. This article is not an … Read more