AI Philosophy and Its Part in Digital Design

The evolution of new technology significantly impacts today’s society and various other industries. While a few developments more or less affect the entire work industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively new and controversial technology. This technology has been advancing steadily in recent years and is now being used in numerous industries. From a business … Read more

iOS 16 reflects Apple’s submission to the Android philosophy

The iOS vs Android argument predates human civilization has existed since the release of these operating systems. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Whether these subjective views are logical, factual, or in sync with the hive mind is irrelevant. As mature adults, we accept these differences in others. Nonetheless, we also get to criticize … Read more

Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA

May 10th, 2022, 01:00 PM #1 Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA I’ve got an app written in Visual Studio C++ that deals with excel lines … Read more

3 Reasons Why Philosophy Can Make You a Better Programmer | by Matilde Aliffi | May, 2022

Philosophy and programming have a similar mindset Image by author I spent nine years of my life doing philosophy at a university institution. After master’s a bachelor’s, two masters, and a doctorate I decided to move away from academia and landed a job as a software engineer. I was surprised to discover that, even if … Read more