How To Configure Datadog Application Security Monitoring for PHP Applications | by Thomas Dimnet | Aug, 2022

From installing and configuring the agent to perform attacks and getting alerts source: The last time I wrote about SQL Injections. To be honest, at that time, I had two goals in mind: First, explain what SQL Injections are, how they work, and how to perform and prevent them. Second, how to prevent them … Read more

What you must know about PHP errors to avoid scratching your forehead when something goes wrong

While pure object-oriented languages ​​produce mainly exceptions to signal an error, PHP started out as procedural and so it has a wide range of errors that can be raised along with exceptions. Errors are Human, But We Must Identify Them There isn’t a programmer alive who hasn’t made errors when coding something at some point … Read more

How is the better way for extract data this array con multiples objetcs with php

I have the following JSON response and I need to create an XML block for each sku and quantity data of each in the order. I include all the json response where I am pulling the data from. Array ( => 17 [parent_id] => 0 [status] => on-hold [currency] => MXN [version] => 6.7.0 … Read more

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta)

Function to Return the USDT/USDD Contract Address on Tron Blockchain (Main Net, Nile, Shasta) tron-blockchain USDT and USDD are two stable coins on Tron Blockchain. They are both TRC-20 tokens or coins. There are Shasta and Nile Test Net on which the TRC-20 contract addresses for USDT and USDD are different than those on main … Read more

docusignapi – How to Properly Create Templates using Docusign via curl and php

I want to create templates for document signing using docusign in PHP. It seems their API is not fully detail. Document for template creation I have followed their instructions and have obtained my access token, base_url etc via curl in php. Here is the PHP Code they provide without further details. No php sdk and … Read more