How to Reduce Cloud Cost by 99% for EDA Kafka Apps

While the cloud offers great convenience and flexibility, the operational cost for applications in the cloud can sometimes be significant. This article shows a way to substantially reduce operating costs in latency-sensitive Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Java applications by migrating from Kafka to Chronicle Queue open-source, a more resource-efficient and lower-latency queue implementation. What is EDA? … Read more

Php/mySQL upload form generator | PHP

<script> function toggleMySql(){ var checked= document.getElementById(“mysqlactive”).checked; if (checked==true){ document.getElementById(“mysqloptionsstyle”).innerHTML=”<style> #mysqloptions{width:100%;}</style>”; } if (checked==false) {document.getElementById(“mysqloptionsstyle”).innerHTML=”<style> #mysqloptions{width:100%;height:0px;overflow:hidden;} </style>”;}} function typeCondition(typeString){ var types=typeString.split(“,”); var outstr=”if(“; for (val in types){ outstr+=`$imageFileType != “${types[val]}” && `; } outstr=outstr.substring(0,outstr.length-3)+”)”; return outstr; } function uploadProcessing(uploaddirectory,typesString,sizeLimit,mysqlactive){ var TC=typeCondition(typesString); var bytes=sizeLimit*1000; var outstring=`<?php $target_dir = “${uploaddirectory}/”; $target_file = $target_dir . basename($_FILES[“fileToUpload”][“name”]); $uploadOk = 1; … Read more