These are the best places to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro

MacBooks are some of the most sought-after laptops, especially among students. After all, these are great premium laptops that have a lot to offer. However, buying them can be significantly more expensive than you’d prefer. That applies doubly for the MacBook Pro, which is Apple’s most powerful laptop. But if you absolutely want to have … Read more

These are the best places to buy a refurbished MacBook Air

The expanding family of great Macs includes some of the best laptops you can buy today. The MacBook Air happens to be one of the notebooks that college students and senior users really like. It’s light, portable, mighty, reasonably priced, and has a sleek design. However, despite its fair price tag, some customers might find … Read more

java – Print stream does not format all values ​​to 2 decimal places, but only some of them for text file

I am asked to make a bank account java program. I have made it and the values ​​in the regular print works, but when I use print stream for the text file, half of the values ​​have been changed, but the other half have not been changed to two decimal places. The current code is … Read more

Interview prep resources for google but can be used in other places. : learnprogramming

I had over 20 people message me for this so I updated a few of the PDFs and decided to make a full post. Please add any recourses you like as well in the comments. Interview questions: Here is a link that I think would be helpful around the topic of Googleyness … Read more