vb.net – How do I dynamically create, and populate a Table in ASP.NET using Visual Basic code? (DataTable Possibly??)

Well, the issue (and difficult challenge) is that you are thinking of a table in HTML and markup on the page. The problem is that ‘table’ as HTML is just markup, and as a result, REALLY difficult to work with. So, what you want to do is at a conceptual level split out (seperate) your … Read more

node.js – NestJS mongoose schema with array of schema doesn’t populate virtual id

I have the following schema export type MapDocument = Map & Document @Schema({ timestamps: true, versionKey: false, id: true }) export class Map { constructor(partial?: Partial<Map>) { if (partial) Object.assign(this, partial) } @IsOptional() @IsUUID() @Prop({ type: Object, default: uuidv4, required: false}) @Exclude({ toPlainOnly: true }) _id?: Object @ApiPropertyOptional({ type: String, format: ‘uuid’ }) @IsOptional() @IsUUID() … Read more

javascript – React Router with – Ant Design Sider: how to populate content section with components for relevant menu item

I’m trying to use AntD menu sider like a tab panel. I want to put components inside the content so that the content panel renders the related component when a menu item is clicked. How do I get this structure to take components as the content for each menu item? import React from ‘react’; import … Read more

node.js – Need to populate a specific users posts on their profile (MERN stack)

I am stuck trying to do this. I have tried multiple different methods and I haven’t been able to crack this. The User should see their Posts when they open the Profile. I have added the PostSchema and User schema along with the routes and actions I have used. Please do correct me wherever I … Read more