SRE: From Theory to Practice: What’s Difficult About Tech Debt?

In episode 3 of “From Theory to Practice,” Blameless’s Matt Davis and Kurt Andersen were joined by Liz Fong-Jones of and Jean Clermont of Flatiron to discuss two words dreaded by every engineer: technical debt. So what is technical debt? Even if you haven’t heard the term, I’m sure you’ve experienced it: parts of … Read more

SRE: From Theory to Practice: What’s Difficult About Incident Command?

A few weeks ago, we released episode two of our ongoing webinar series, “SRE: From Theory to Practice.” In this series, we break down a challenge facing SREs through an open and honest discussion. Our topic this episode was “What’s difficult about the incident command?” When things go wrong, who is in charge? And what … Read more

SRE: From Theory to Practice: What’s Difficult About On-call?

We wanted to tackle one of the major challenges facing organizations: on-call. “SRE: From Theory to Practice – What’s Difficult About On-call” sees Blameless engineers Kurt Andersen and Matt Davis joined by Yvonne Lam, staff software engineer at Kong, and Charles Cary, CEO of Shoreline, for a fireside chat about everything on- call. As software … Read more

10 Best Websites to Practice Coding Online – Codelivly

Whether you’re just starting out as a coder or want to advance your coding skills, tackling programming problems is part of the plan. Coding problem websites test your skills with customized exercises, amiable challenges, and insightful evaluations. They’re convenient, free, and even enjoyable. Practicing your coding through these websites may increase your knowledge, build your … Read more

Practice on Pushing Messages to Devices of Different Manufacturers

Push messaging, with the proliferation of mobile Internet, has become a very effective way for mobile apps to achieve business success. It improves user engagement and stickiness by allowing developers to send messages to a wide range of users in a wide range of scenarios: taking the subway or bus, having a meal in a … Read more

Practice Make Perfect

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr Learn how the people behind the JWST prepared for its launch! On December 31, 2021 the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) started unfurling its five layers of sunshield. The sunshield, about the size of a tennis court, is held out by booms and pulled tight. No one was … Read more

5 Best Public Datasets to Practice Your Data Analysis Skills

Real-world data is messy and chaotic. Unlike the well-curated academic datasets available online, it takes a lot of time to even make a real-world dataset ready for analysis. While the latter comes with challenges, it is also the one that replicates an industrial scenario. Therefore, practicing on such datasets can help you excel in the … Read more