5 best practices for securing CI/CD pipelines

The engineer’s mindset is to understand a problem, build a solution, and then figure out how to deploy a robust and secure implementation into production environments. Unfortunately, it’s often more complicated and expensive to embed security best practices into a solution once it’s implemented, and the pressure to release innovations quickly often leads devops teams … Read more

How Blockchain Tech Can Improve DevOps Practices in Web3

Although in its early stages, Web3 shows promise to deliver the benefits of blockchain and DevOps working together. This article discusses how DevOps practices, processes, tools, and blockchain technologies complement each other to deliver Web3 solutions. DevOps is an umbrella term encompassing a culture, mindset, development styles, processes, and technologies for software development. DevOps focuses … Read more

Cloud Tagging Strategic Practices – DZone Cloud

The hype around cloud cost optimization is soaring high along with cloud adoption. According to NASSCOM, enterprises are expected to increase their cloud budget by nearly 5-15% CAGR till FY 2025. “The wider the cloud adoption, the more complex is the cloud cost management” Selection, allocation, tracking, and monitoring of the cloud resources that seem … Read more

5 Practices for Building Cloud-Native Permissions

Most developers end up building authorization or access-control for their products multiple times – forced to refactor with new customer, product, or security demands coming in. To make our lives a little easier, let’s go over the unique challenges that building cloud-native permissions poses before us and cover the five best practices for building them … Read more

How to Enable Big Data Best Practices

Why do you need Big Data best practices? Whether it’s government, private organizations, military, healthcare, or agencies such as NASA, there is no better option to meet analytics needs, increase productivity, and become more efficient. Big Data has become the fulcrum on which organizations of all sizes and shapes revolve for quite some time now. … Read more

3 Best Practices To Design a Multi-Language Database

And store your data easier Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash Reaching millions of users with an application is every developer’s dream. Achieving this goal becomes easier if users from all over the world can use your application. Since not all users know English or your target language, you need to design your application to … Read more

7 devops practices to improve application performance

Devops is primarily associated with the collaboration between developers and operations to improve the delivery and reliability of applications in production. The most common best practices aim to replace manual, error-prone procedures managed at the boundaries between dev and ops teams with more robust automations. These include automating the delivery pipeline with CI/CD (continuous integration … Read more

Biometric Authentication: Best Practices – DZone Security

Today, the usage of biometric authentication in a corporate environment is discussed quite often. However, at the same time, it is still can be considered new since it is just starting to really gain momentum. As a result, those organizations that are going to explore and use such an authentication system face many incomprehensible nuances, … Read more

System Hardening Standards, Best Practices: Chef

If you have anything to do with IT infrastructure, operations management, or DevOps, you’ve certainly come across the term “system hardening.” While system hardening seems like a regular everyday activity in large IT teams with diverse infrastructure, the use and benefits cover a wide range of functions that secure your systems. This blog explores what … Read more

Best Practices for Resource Management in PrestoDB

Resource management in databases allows administrators to have control over resources and assign a priority to sessions, ensuring the most critical transactions get a significant share of system resources. Resource management in a distributed environment makes accessibility of data more accessible and manages resources over the network of autonomous computers (ie, Distributed systems). The basis … Read more