javascript – Prevent background from scrolling when a modal is opened, but modal content is scrollable

I have a modal box code that, when executed, doesn’t fill up the whole height of the webpage, ie, the main content can still be scrollable. What I want is: My body (background) stops scrolling when the modal is opened, and When the modal is opened, the modal content is scrollable. Also, I want to … Read more

javascript – in nodejs+express how to prevent from returning all multiple added chat messages twice? and only return the single added message once

[I am trying to make a littlechat with + node express, the problem is that when emitting the socket it returns in the browser not only the message that I have added, but all the previous ones, so that in the browser view I only have correct messages added i have to refresh the … Read more

Solidity Smart Contract Security: 4 Ways to Prevent Reentrancy Attacks | by insurgent | May, 2022

Checks, Effects, and Interactions (CEI), Mutex, Pull Payments, and Gas Limits are all effective techniques to prevent reentrancy attacks. Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash Reentrancy is a programming technique in which a function execution is interrupted by an external function call. Within the logic of the external function call are conditions that allow it … Read more

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I’m writing an APP that fetches data from an API – based on user’s actions. I have a problem, because I have a search bar that changes the value of state. Then I use that state in the place of ${search} in this link var baseUrl = `${search}&apikey=demo`; using that link I then fetch data … Read more

java – How to prevent Bluetooth Disconnected when moving Fragment

I make a POS in android. I want to make a printing in my apps. To do printing I’m using bluetooth printer. Then, I had success make the bluetooth connection and I make it in one fragment. But every time I move to another fragment the bluetooth connection will be disconnected. How can I prevent … Read more