Price, release date, and everything we expect

Microsoft’s Surface family includes some of the most iconic premium laptops on the market. From the original Surface Pro to the most recent form factors like the Surface Laptop Studio, the company has always made very interesting devices. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen Microsoft invest more in more affordable laptops including the … Read more

javascript – Need a solution to filter products by multiple price ranges

I am new in VueJS. I have a list of products, and I want to filter those products by price range. so, I built a component (filter-sidebar) that’s a sidebar containing filter types (price, brand..etc) by radio buttons, I want to filter product prices, and the products with a selected price range will be displayed … Read more

Release date, price, and more

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is the company’s endorsement of its Windows on ARM efforts. It uses modified Qualcomm processors for a fanless design that’s thinner than the Intel-powered Surface, and in many ways, it’s ahead of the curve. The Surface Pro X has narrower bezels than the Surface Pro 7, and it’s the first Surface … Read more