bash – How to print a field containing a specific substring with awk?

Goal: To print fields from an input file to an output file, but with special regard to specific fields split by semicolons (;). Example Input (input.txt): NC_051336.1 Gnomon gene 40042 56215 . – . gene_id “LOC102552844”; transcript_id “”; db_xref “GeneID:102552844”; db_xref “RGD:7551986”; gbkey “Gene”; gene “LOC102552844”; gene_biotype “pseudogene”; pseudo “true”; NC_051336.1 BestRefSeq%2CGnomon gene 76909 85762 … Read more

java – Print stream does not format all values ​​to 2 decimal places, but only some of them for text file

I am asked to make a bank account java program. I have made it and the values ​​in the regular print works, but when I use print stream for the text file, half of the values ​​have been changed, but the other half have not been changed to two decimal places. The current code is … Read more