javascript – I am having a problem with Query selectors for this project website

const theFoodImg = document.querySelector(‘.food-img’); const recipeLink = document.querySelector(‘.recipe-link’); const linkIcon = document.querySelector(‘.fa-link’); const pinTopBar = document.querySelector(‘.fa-thumbtack’); const topBar = document.querySelector(‘#top-bar’); const pinColor = document.querySelector(‘.fa-thumbtack’); theFoodImg.addEventListener(‘click’, function() { if(theFoodImg.classList.contains(‘active’)){ theFoodImg.classList.remove(‘active’); theFoodImg.classList.remove(‘food-hover’); theFoodImg.classList.add(‘food-img’); recipeLink.classList.add(‘recipe-link’); recipeLink.classList.remove(‘click’); linkIcon.classList.add(‘white-link’) linkIcon.classList.remove(‘blue-link’) } else { theFoodImg.classList.remove(‘food-img’); theFoodImg.classList.add(‘active’); recipeLink.classList.remove(‘recipe-link’); recipeLink.classList.add(‘click’); linkIcon.classList.remove(‘white-link’) linkIcon.classList.add(‘blue-link’) } }) theFoodImg.addEventListener(‘mouseenter’, function(){ if (theFoodImg.classList.contains(‘active’) !== true) { theFoodImg.classList.add(‘food-hover’); } … Read more – hash and salt problem when using IPasswordHasher and BCrypt algorhitm

I faced problem with hashing, salting and verifying password in ASP.NET. I am creating a new User and then using hashing method. But when I try to get some resources which requires Authorization and I enter the same username and password as I saved in database the result is failed. Here is my password hasher … Read more

Material UI V5, inalid hook and ForwardRef(Button) Problem in ReactJS

I am trying to use Material UI in my project and getting an invalid hook, The above error occurred in the <ForwardRef(Button)> component, and some other problems. I created a simple test file to isolate and make sure that material UI is the issue. Any idea on how I can fix this issue, thank you. … Read more

html – Core MVC Render Body Problem after Implementing Responsive Side Bar

After implementing the sidebar its fridge my other page and didn’t able to scroll the page in Core MVC. I think the problem is coming from the _layout.cshtml file. as it has a container which render my other page. Please help me to solve this problem. Here is My _Layout.cshtm File. The header is … Read more

functional programming – Problem with given instances writing MTL style code with Scala cats

Problems with inference seem to be one of the reasons why the particular MTL implementation that you linked is relying on traits such as MonadPartialOrder instead of MonadTransformer-typeclasses. Basically, what happens here is this: When you want to get from F to G The MonadPartialOrder-approach asks for a bridge from F to G Your approach … Read more

XSLT insert 2 distinct elements in XML problem

Following is my original XML <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <SyncItemMaster> <ApplicationArea> <Sender> <LogicalID schemeVersionID=”″>lid://in.m4.m4</LogicalID> <ComponentID schemeVersionID=”″>M4BEX</ComponentID> <ConfirmationCode>OnError</ConfirmationCode> </Sender> <CreationDateTime>2021-06-17T18:42:31.420Z</CreationDateTime> <BODID>e99a31bc-4ad5-45e1-a27b-10b27b9511c6</BODID> </ApplicationArea> <DataArea> <ItemMaster> <ItemMasterHeader> <Description>JADE COLL 5-5/8 X 48 W/PAD</Description> <Description type=”ShortName”>4MM GEMCORE ARCTIC 12MIL</Description> <Classification> <Codes> <Code listID=”Item Groups” sequence=”1″>00006002</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <Classification> <Codes> <Code sequence=”1″ listID=”Item Types”>E01</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <UserArea> <Property> <NameValue name=”Free1″>679QB</NameValue> </Property> … Read more

The Problem With Promoting High Performers | by John Hartley | Jun, 2022

It’s exciting to help your direct reports reach the next level of their career, but don’t fail to plan for the side effects of promotions “You’re doing great, almost TOO great. We can’t promote you because you’ll hurt our bottom line by not doing what you’re currently doing. You understand, right?” Photo by LinkedIn Sales … Read more

node.js – I have problem with GULP “Error: Cannot find module ‘gulp-sass'”

The problem occurs when i download the repo. I run the command in terminal “npm install”. Then i types the “gulp” command. I tried to delete node_modules package.json with sudo and then npm install but it did not help When he tries to fire the gulp after npm i command “npm rebuild node-sass” dont help … Read more

java – Problem whet embedded objects: Unable to find column with logical name

I have two tables in a MySQL Database. One is named documento_tributario_electronico and the other is named detalle. The documento_Tributario_electronico table is: CREATE TABLE `documento_tributario_electronico` ( `tipo_documento` INT(11) NOT NULL, `numero` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `fecha_emision` DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘curdate()’, `indicador_no_rebaja` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `tipo_despacho` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `indicador_traslado` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL, … Read more