How to initiate tables lock for stored procedure in Azure Synapse Analytics?

Currently, I encountered an issue on Azure Synapse Analytics. I have a parent_cust_industry table which is full refresh – The table loads using stored procedure as below: CREATE PROCEDURE [trans_globalreference_edw_tedw].[parent_cust_industry_proc] @pipeline_name VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_run_id VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_name VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_id VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_type VARCHAR(100), @pipeline_trigger_date_time_utc DATETIME2 AS BEGIN TRY — LOAD TYPE: Full refresh IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM … Read more

amazon redshift – Stored Procedure not returning any data but executed successfully

Below stored procedure executing sucessfully but not returning any data, could you please help me in addressing the issue CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE fact.build_poh_fact(p_days_back integer, p_days_to integer) LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE l_days_back INT; l_begin_ts TIMESTAMP; l_days_to INT; l_end_ts TIMESTAMP; l_update_ts TIMESTAMP; BEGIN if p_days_back IS NULL THEN l_days_back := 7; ELSE l_days_back := p_days_back; … Read more

c# – How to Insert and Update through stored procedure in SQL Server and return total no of row affected

For Insertion and updating of rows for my website I’ve created a stored procedure. I want to return total no of rows (insert + update). My stored procedure works fine when I “Execute” this SP by placing value of variable manually but when run it my website, no row update or insert. Here Is … Read more