How to Use Kotlin Symbol Processors on Android | by Hesam Darvishiyan | Jul, 2022

We will dive into generating the boilerplate codes automatically by KSP and discuss challenges and solutions Photo by Shane on Unsplash Let me begin by reiterating a question: What is an annotation? Java annotations are used to provide metadata for your Java code. Java annotations do not directly affect the execution of your code, although … Read more

Arm introduces second-generation Armv9 processors, plus a ray-tracing GPU

After debuting the brand-new Armv9 architecture last year, Arm has just announced the second generation of Armv9 CPUs, spearheaded by the new Cortex-X3 CPU flagship, alongside the Cortex-A715 and a revised Cortex-A510. Additionally, the company introduced its first-ever flagship GPU, the Immortalis-G715, complete with support for hardware-level ray tracing. These new components also power Arm’s … Read more

java – JVM Performance – JVM performance not scaling with number of processors

Summary I am doing a million floating point divisions in different threads, these threads share nothing from programmer’s point of view ie no explicit locks are involved. Following are the perf numbers when I ran java -jar /tmp/my-exps-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 1000000 100 on machines having 8, 16 and 32 vcores (n/2 cores with 2 threads per core). … Read more