To Shift Right, You Need Observability

In a world of shifting left, there is a growing movement: to shift right. I recently attended a panel discussion where the panelists (from tech companies in this space) debated and even insisted – that shifting right will actually allow you to deliver more value to your customers. Then, as they laid out their arguments, … Read more

Understand Source Code — Diving Deep into the Code Base, Locally and in Production | by Shai Almog | Jun, 2022

Why you should debug when there’s no bug Say you have a new code base to study or picked up an open source project. You might be a seasoned developer for whom this is another project in a packed resume. Alternatively, you might be a junior engineer for whom this is the first “real” project. … Read more

Datafaker: An Alternative to Using Production Data

As developers or testers, we frequently have the need to test our systems. In this process, be it unit testing, integration testing, or any other form of testing, the data is often the leading and deciding factor. But getting access to good data isn’t always easy. Sometimes the data is quite sensitive, like medical or … Read more

Debugging JCF Issues in Production

The Java Collections Framework was a huge leap forward when it was introduced as part of Java 2 (JDK 1.2). Thanks to the included collection classes we finally moved beyond the limits of Vector and Hashtable to more mature and generic solutions. With the introduction of Streams and functional concepts in Java 8, the framework … Read more

next.js – next js dynamic page routing working in localhost but giving 500 error in production

This is part of my next js project. This website is running perfectly on localhost but when i deploy it on vercel, the /blogs/book/chapter page is giving me 500 error. I am not sure what exactly the problem is, I have tried various things but nothing is working for me. Help Please! Dynamic Routing Folder … Read more

javascript – Angular 8: ng build production stuck at 11% and system hangs not able to create production build

{ “header”: { “reportVersion”: 1, “event”: “Allocation failed – JavaScript heap out of memory”, “trigger”: “FatalError”, “filename”: “report.20220504.181012.9143.0.001.json”, “dumpEventTime”: “2022-05-04T18:10:12Z”, “dumpEventTimeStamp”: “1651668012959”, “processId”: 9143, “cwd”: “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD”, “commandLine”: [ “/usr/local/bin/node”, “/home/reinforce/Documents/DMSbyHDA/LMS-BUILD/node_modules/jest-worker/build/workers/processChild.js” ], “nodejsVersion”: “v12.14.1”, “glibcVersionRuntime”: “2.23”, “glibcVersionCompiler”: “2.17”, “wordSize”: 64, “arch”: “x64”, “platform”: “linux”, “componentVersions”: { “node”: “12.14.1”, “v8”: “”, “uv”: “1.33.1”, “zlib”: “1.2.11”, “brotli”: “1.0.7”, … Read more

6 Important Things You Need to Run Kubernetes in Production | by Hijmen Fokker | Mar, 2022

Get your cluster to the next level Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash Kubernetes adoption is at an all-time high. Almost every major IT organization invests in a container strategy and Kubernetes is by far the most used and most popular container orchestration technology. While there are many flavors of Kubernetes, managed solutions like AKS, … Read more

Debugging jsoup Java in Production Using Lightrun

Scraping websites built for modern browsers is far more challenging than it was a decade ago. jsoup is a convenient API that makes scraping websites trivial via DOM traversal, CSS Selectors, JQuery-Like methods, and more. But it isn’t without its caveat. Every scraping API is a ticking time bomb. Real-world HTML is flaky. It changes … Read more