I was getting bored with the tech around me, so I replaced them with these funky products

I love how fast consumer technology improves, so in 2022, we’re just surrounded by simple gadgets that make our lives more frictionless. But if you stop and look around once in a while, you’ll realize that not everything is as exciting as it once used to be, specifically in how they look. Sure, there are … Read more

If Google wants to be taken seriously, it needs to find ways to assure users it won’t kill new products

Google Stadia is dead, and the funeral is on January 18th, 2023. For now, it’s a walking corpse that users can continue to play on to finish out their games… and then it’ll be gone. Forever. Users will take little solace in the fact that at the very least, they’ll get all of the money … Read more

Here’s the products that were announced during Amazon’s hardware event

Today, Amazon held an online event showing its latest hardware for 2022. Now, this wasn’t like your typical product launch event with just a few things. Instead, Amazon took things to another level, announcing device after new device in a variety of different product categories. So, in case you weren’t available, or you missed the … Read more

Why is Python a Perfect Choice for Developing Fintech Products?

Start writiIn recent years, Fintech has become one of the world’s most rapidly growing tech industries. It seems like everywhere you look, another company technologies is promising to revolutionize the finance industry and banking experience by introducing innovative products and services powered by advanced like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data analytics, and blockchain … Read more

php – Get the 5 most sold products for the past week

As the title states, I’m trying to get the top 5 most sold products in the past week. In MySQLI do that like so: select op.id_product from order_product as op inner join `order` as o on o.id_order = op.id_order where o.purchase_date between date_sub(now(), interval 1 week) and now() group by op.id_product order by sum(op.quantity_ordered) desc … Read more

Exhaustive JUNIT5 Testing with Combinations, Permutations, and Products

Test Support Libraries There are many libraries that make testing better in different aspects. Here are some of them: Agitar One Agitator automatically creates dynamic test cases, synthesizes sets of input data, and analyzes the results. Chaos Monkey Chaos Monkey is responsible for randomly terminating instances in production to ensure that engineers implement their services … Read more

Continuous Delivery: Create Products Faster with Lower Risks

DevOps methodology continues to strengthen its position in programming. So-called “continuous” tools are among the most commonly used in the field. Such practices as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery allow you to constantly keep your code delivered into production as soon as any changes are made. This makes it possible to add new features in … Read more

javascript – Need a solution to filter products by multiple price ranges

I am new in VueJS. I have a list of products, and I want to filter those products by price range. so, I built a component (filter-sidebar) that’s a sidebar containing filter types (price, brand..etc) by radio buttons, I want to filter product prices, and the products with a selected price range will be displayed … Read more