What Are Source Maps and How to Properly Use Them

You are debugging a web app for a client but the minified version of the JavaScript and CSS code makes it impossible to understand what statements the browser is actually executing. You could break down the original code line by line in your editor putting some console.log() statements here and there, or try debugging it … Read more

docusignapi – How to Properly Create Templates using Docusign via curl and php

I want to create templates for document signing using docusign in PHP. It seems their API is not fully detail. Document for template creation I have followed their instructions and have obtained my access token, base_url etc via curl in php. Here is the PHP Code they provide without further details. No php sdk and … Read more

google cloud stackdriver – Fluentbit not parsing jsonyPayload properly in Anthos cluster

Default fluentbit config for Anthos clusters on AWS [FILTER] Name kubernetes Match k8s_container.* Kube_URL https://kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local:443 Kube_Tag_Prefix k8s_container. Regex_Parser k8s-container-custom-tag Annotations Off [FILTER] Name nest Match * Operation nest Wildcard gke.googleapis.com* Nest_under logging.googleapis.com/labels fluent-bit.conf: | [SERVICE] Flush 1 Log_Level info Daemon off Parsers_File parsers.conf HTTP_Server On HTTP_Listen HTTP_Port 29020 storage.path /var/log/fluent-bit-buffers/ storage.sync normal storage.checksum off … Read more

c# – Can’t get profiles working properly in ASP.NET web application

Because of limitations on database access with my web hosting company, I can’t use the standard ASP.NET scripts for creating membership, roles, and profiles, so I created a custom ProfileProvider for my ASP.NET web application using the following code: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Data; using System.Data.SqlClient; using System.Configuration; using System.Web.Profile; using System.Collections.Specialized; … Read more

node.js – Fractional part in float number dont show properly in crosstable component in jaspersoft

I have a task to generate PDFs with nodeJS, so i am working with the node-jasper library. I want to display a table component that contains float numbers but when i send dataset from back-end, it shows only the integer part of the numbers. Here is my nodjs code: const express = require(‘express’) const app … Read more

reactjs – React Testing Library – how to correctly test that my provider is being populated with data and the child components are displaying properly?

I have a pretty simple use case – I have a global app context where I’m trying to store data fetched from an endpoint. My goal is to load this data into the context on app load and I’m going about it using the useReducer hook. I settled on the solution of calling an action … Read more

xamarin – CollectionView SelectionChange event not working properly in Android (.Net MAUI)

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flutter – how to properly handle list of TextEditingController for a five TextFormField generated by the loop used by listview.builder?

I’m having a future list to work with the listview.builder. I have another list List<QuizQuestion> listofquizquestionsforquiz=GlobalParams.quizmodel.quizQuestions; for listofquizquestionsforquiz I want every item in the list of TextEditingController to handle the corresponding TextFormField, meaning for controllers[0] I want it to be attached and work with the first TextFormField the Listview.builder generates, then the second textedintingcontroller to … Read more