Using the LongListSelector control on Windows Phone 7

Yesterday I looked into the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone and I covered some of the controls that are included in the current build. One of the controls that might be a bit unusual to configure and get working is LongListSelector, which allows you to group items inside a list. With a regular ListBox, you … Read more

Externalize Microservice Configuration With Spring

In a microservices system, we might need or want to externalize configuration so that we can abstract sensitive data or credentials outside the applications. We can do something like this with Docker Compose, but the compose file often contains values ​​for multiple services together. We probably want further separation and limited access. This is where … Read more

android – Recursive synthetic property accessor, Can’t get the size of list in PagingDataAdapter casue java.lang.StackOverflowError

In this app, I tried to use Paging3, Retrofit, and RXJava to get a list of popular movies, this is the link of API, the problem is in MoviesDataAdapter class when I didn’t override getItemCount fun the recyclerView didn’t show anything but the result showing in Log when I return item count, the AS shows … Read more

javascript – Calculate transform y-scale property as the function of elapsed time

I have a container that is expanded and collapsed on click of chevron icon. The code to collapse/expand the container is in the function transformAnimation. The code of transformAnimation is similar to the code on MDN web docs for requestAnimationFrame. The code to animate (scale) the container has been developed on the guidelines of this … Read more

Property Based Testing Framework for Node

Understand how fast-check works with a practical example Photo by pine watt on Unsplash The Pragmatic Programmer introduces a method of testing called property-based testing, in which an example is given in Python, using the framework hypothesis. The usage of the hypothesis is very intuitive and simple and presents the concept of property-based testing perfectly. … Read more

A Data Validation Solution Utilizing Swift Property Wrappers and SwiftUI View Extensions | by Jonathan Storey | May, 2022

Data validation in Swift and SwiftUI For better or worse, the Swift programming language does not provide an unified approach to validation. As a result, each developer must develop their own approach. In this article, I share my hard-won solution to data validation. “To err is human, to validate devine.” — (not) Alexander Pope At … Read more