3 data quality metrics dataops should prioritize

Measuring quality of any kind requires the science of creating a measure or key performance indicator for a subjective property and turning it into a quantifiable attribute. Measuring quality should be a means to drive operational and delivery improvements. But there’s a cost to measuring quality and a human capacity to how many metrics people … Read more

Software Quality Concerns for CRM Features

In the postcovid world, establishing and maintaining life-long relationships with customers are the pillars for business growth and mitigating the impacts of economic recession. Being the central storage of clients’ data, CRMs provide organizations with actionable insight into customers’ preferences and pain points. No wonder the Statista experts predict worldwide revenue growth of a CRM … Read more

How to Improve Data Quality With GCP Protocol Buffers

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces generate data on every step of their operations: inventory, customer orders, pick-up locations, and customer delivery, not mentioning marketing channels and integrations. The requirements for data platforms used in the fast-moving online retail industry vary from business to business, though the baseline is more or less the same: Flexibility and scalability. … Read more

Data Quality Metrics to Know and Measure

The most important characteristic for any organization is not data; it is quality data. In a study, IBM estimated that bad data costs the US economy $3.1 trillion per year. Such costs are incurred when your employees spend time cleaning data or rectifying the errors caused by bad data. Apart from financial costs, bad data … Read more

Why Your PRs Aren’t Improving Quality | by Charles Chen | Apr, 2022

It’s simple: you’re missing the forest for the tree Via Pixabay The ubiquity of Git in the world of software engineering means that the tooling and processes around it have somewhat coalesced more or less into a few handful of patterns with respect to developer workflows and software release patterns. These include: At the core … Read more