How to Create a random password generator in a separate window | Python

Hi there, beginner to programming here. I’m currently working on an assessment which requires me to code a simple login system using python. I’ve managed to do most of it myself and works well, but one feature I need and can’t figure out is a password generator button in the menu. I’ve already got the … Read more

[python] Best way to remove random length strings from a file with similar starting text. : learnprogramming

Okay, So i have an exported bookmarks.html file from chrome. I want to clean it up a little by removing these stupidly long strings of useless ICON text. I’m not sure if I should use regex or if there is a better solution. The problem is the ICON encoded strings are random lengths. Is there … Read more

Select random records for each users using SQL server in efficient way

I have used the below query to select 5 random records for each shopperId and it is working fine but it is taking time to execute for large number of records (more than 100k records). So is there any way to improve the performance over large amount of data? SELECT * FROM (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER … Read more

Instancio: Random Test Data Generator for Java

By now hopefully all of us, developers, have embraced unit testing. Good test coverage of our codebase, combined with that green checkmark after running the tests, gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is in order. While we all like that warm fuzzy feeling, writing tests usually requires some plumbing. This is the “boring … Read more