python – Wrong range of values ​​in Time-series forecasting TensorFlow

I have a dataset of prices with 36619 samples and 6 features. The distributions of the features vary significantly, so I create the following function to adapt a normalization layer and create a TensorFlow (TF) dataset. The description of each step is on the function as well as the parameters.tensorflow.__version__=2.8.2 WINDOW_JUMP = 24 WINDOW_SIZE = … Read more

Handling Large Arrays in Golang: Should You Use For Range or For Loop? | by Dwen | May, 2022

Golang loop control method analysis Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Go is all about “one way to do one thing”! For example, Go keeps only one type of loop control statement, which is the classic version of for loop. And loop control statements such as while, do…whilesupported by C language are excluded from Go’s … Read more

Go Tableau Extract Refresh API exe help – Index out of Range Error

I have been trying to learn Go as a crash course. My task is to build a little program that takes in a token name, secret token, data source name, and parameter for checking on the current status of the tableau extract refresh. I am stuck on a parsing error that seems straightforward, but cannot … Read more