raspberry pi – make failure (libi2c is missing)

I try to compile the following project: https://github.com/ovrheat/raspberry_rtl_wh1080 on my Raspberry Pi, unfortunately during the make I’m gettiong errors I can’t overcome to far: > /raspberry_rtl_wh1080/build $ make — Build type not specified: defaulting to release. — Using Git version tag: -128-NOTFOUND on master at 201807090025 (refs/heads/ma ster commit 0201e8745dbdbe4106f4802a8b0213d58d5fdd13) CMake Warning (dev) at /usr/share/cmake-3.18/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardAr … Read more

Blocking Ads Using Raspberry Pi 3, Fedora, Pi-hole

This article proposes how to build a device to block advertisements on the network using Linux and a Pi-hole on Raspberry Pi 3. The equipment needed to build the device, configured software, and use will be described in the next sections. Requirements The following are hardware and software requirements to run the tutorial. Skill Requirements … Read more

Playing Audio with Python sounddevice in Raspberry Pi Zero W works Exactly once and then I need to reboot

I was inspired by this project to put a Pi into an old rotary telephone. I’m using python to bring it to life and perform the functions I would like to perform. The first of these is pretty simple: play a dial tone when I pick up the receiver. However, when I try to play … Read more

Build a 24-Core Raspberry Pi Cluster From Scratch

A Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer board to which you can connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and install a Linux-based operating system with a GUI. Or you can use it in “headless” mode with no GUI and run, for example, a database server. There are many usages you can give a Raspberry Pi—from building … Read more

Set Up a Dedicated Database Server on Raspberry Pi

There is certain gratification when you get a little “naked” mini-computer board to run the software you install on it. Maybe even your own application. Most (if not all) of the real-world applications I have implemented in one way or another to a database. It’s not a secret that relational databases are the most popular … Read more