4 Ways to Simplify React State (By Not Using React) | by Oskari Rautiainen | Aug, 2022

How to simplify your application state with native browser implementations. Non-React lifecycle mechanisms for managing application state. What if I told you, you should not be storing all of your data in a React lifecycle? There are many tools using the built-in browser APIs and non-lifecycle methods in React that can be very powerful for … Read more

How to Use Webpack Module Federation in React | by Oskari Rautiainen | Jun, 2022

Build micro-frontend architectures with ease Photo by Valery Fedotov on Unsplash Module Federation is a great tool for constructing a micro-frontend architecture in React applications. I will show you how to use it in a step-by-step guide to build a Host-Remote pattern micro-frontend in React. Micro-frontends help us break large frontend applications into smaller independent … Read more