python – How can I determine validation loss for faster RCNN (PyTorch)?

Thank you so much for your patience. I’ve posted below a snippet of code that iterates over the dataloader. I think I’ve understood you but from what I’ve done below I get an empty dictionary when I print out the losses: @torch.no_grad() def evaluate_loss(model, data_loader, device): val_loss = 0 for images, targets in data_loader: images … Read more

python – Mask R-CNN is not loading weights properly for inference and re-training

QUESTION: I’m new to the world of computer vision and this is my second project with it. I am running an edited version of the Matterport Mask RCNN that runs with tensorflow-gpu==2.7. (Found out later it would have worked out just fine with an older version) I am trying to use this with a pen … Read more