Here Is How To Develop UIs Faster in ReactJS

It’s 2022, and React has a huge ecosystem to help developers bring complex UIs to life faster. Furthermore, with the extensive support of ReactJS libraries, there is hardly any case when a developer has to build a component from scratch. However, not every ReactJS UI developer is aware of the best practices to build UIs … Read more

Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Your Next Project?

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10 Benefits of ReactJS for Application Development

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reactjs – Transaction has been reverted by the EVM without reason

I am trying to implement lazy mint in NFT Marketplace using solidity. So for test and deploy smart contract, I used hardhat. But my code is passed test, and the result was good. So I integrated smart contract to front-end using web3.js But then revert transaction error occurred. { “blockHash”: “0x5b225f40446888ce55711856eb55a6fcee9c15e2c627bec3e6cdd489ef74f447”, “blockNumber”: 11077400, “contractAddress”: null, … Read more

reactjs – How do you move components along with a moving sidebar in material ui

so im using the material ui persistent drawer and whenever i use it, it goes over my component. There is text that does move, but it is inside the drawer component and i need the drawer to be one component because i have multiple pages and need different info on each page. is there a … Read more

reactjs – I want to scroll my product through next button in flat list

import React, { useRef, Component } from “react”; import { Pressable, Modal, Switch, SafeAreaView, ScrollView, Dimensions, FlatList, View, Text, Alert, TextInput, Image, TouchableOpacity, styleSheet, } from “react-native”; import styles from “../../../assets/styles/style”; import { QHCheckBox, QHtopRightButton, SearchableTopRightButton, QHBackButton, renderComponentWithScroll, renderComponent, QHText, QHLoader, QHButton1, QHLinkButton1, QHInputView1, QHInputView11, showMessageInfo, } from/. import { languageProps } from “../../../language”; import … Read more

reactjs – React Testing Library – how to correctly test that my provider is being populated with data and the child components are displaying properly?

I have a pretty simple use case – I have a global app context where I’m trying to store data fetched from an endpoint. My goal is to load this data into the context on app load and I’m going about it using the useReducer hook. I settled on the solution of calling an action … Read more

reactjs – Flutter validator and controller not working

class _SigninPageState extends State {GlobalKey formkey = GlobalKey(); final TextEditingController name = TextEditingController(); final TextEditingController email = TextEditingController(); final TextEditingController password = TextEditingController(); // final TextEditingController password_confirmation = TextEditingController(); Future<void> register(String name, String email, String password, String password_confirmation ) async{ Map data = { ‘name’ : name, ’email’: email, ‘password’: password, ‘password_confirmation’: password_confirmation, }; print(data); … Read more

reactjs – switch case in useReducer is being called incorrectly

I am creating an app and using useContext+useReducer to manage my state. There is a functionality where I let user create a project and then append this project to projects array state and navigate user to the next screen where he can add more details about the project. I do this using the useNavigate hook … Read more