Is Jetpack Compose Ready for You? | by tomerpacific | Aug, 2022

Exploring updates a year after its release Photo by Mike van den Bos on Unsplash Android’s Jetpack Compose version 1.0 was released nearly a year ago on July 28th. It promised a new way to build UI in our Android applications and was met with much enthusiasm. It has been regularly updated and maintained since … Read more

Is Deno Ready for Primetime?. Evaluation of Deno modules | by Jennifer Fu | Aug, 2022

Evaluation of Deno modules Generated by DALL-E 2 We have introduced Deno, a runtime for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. Here is an interesting timeline, comparing Node.js and Deno (DEstroy NOde), along with npm (Node Package Manager), the world’s largest software registry that … Read more

Getting Ready for Microservices – DZone Microservices

Your team decided it’s time to get rid of that old, clunky monolith (finally!). You had a good run with it, but the monolith has grown so big that you’re spending more effort maintaining it than adding features. It’s time to try a different approach. It seems microservices are very popular these days, so maybe … Read more

Are you ready to automate continuous deployment in CI/CD?

Many companies have rushed to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to streamline their software development workflows. Far fewer have taken the additional step to automate continuous deployment, a practice of using CI/CD pipelines to push changes into production continuously. Understandably so. The thought of pushing code to production as frequently as daily … Read more