javascript – Is there a reason sometimes the jQuery just doesn’t work when the page loads?

The following code works; However, my issue is that sometimes when the page is loaded in incognito, I have to load the page twice for the total cost to display the correct value. When it fails, the cost displays 0. Desired outcome: I need the correct amount to display each time someone loads the page. … Read more

c# – Cosmos DB: Response status code does not indicate success: BadRequest (400); Substatus: 1001; Reason: ();

I am trying to add new item for below object. [Container(nameof(Notifications))] [PartitionKeyPath(“/UserUUId”)] public class Notifications : Item { [JsonProperty(PropertyName = “RequestID”, Order = 2)] public string RequestID { get; set; } [JsonProperty(PropertyName = “NotificationType”, Order = 3)] public int NotificationType { get; set; } [JsonProperty(PropertyName = “SubType”, Order = 4)] public string SubType { get; … Read more