3 Reasons Why You Should Centralize Developer Tools, Processes, and People

Have you ever worked for an organization that uses 15 overlapping tools, all with different requirements, inputs, and administrators? Pretty hectic, right? Every development team has its unique blend of tools that help it ship code, but it’s hard to keep all those tools seamlessly working together. We recently surveyed developer teams, and they cited … Read more

The Case Against Glorifying Developers for Wrong Reasons | by Manvik Kathuria | Jun, 2022

Recognition of software teams and individuals needs a serious rethink Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash It was a sunny Friday evening, and I was busy doing the admin chores of backlog and sprint planning. Then came a slack notification that read something like this. “Shoutout to Xyz Abc for fixing the defect and rolling out … Read more

Reasons Why DevOps Adoption Might Be of Help for Business

As far as this modern and tech-oriented IT domain goes, DevOps has become a standard to judge operations’ overall efficiency and smoothness. However, like it is with everything in the world, there is still a sizeable chunk of enterprises in the process of either understanding what it means or completely not being aware of it … Read more

Five Reasons Why Software Engineers Quit and How Managers Can Retain Them for Longer

Strategies to keep your dream team working together for ages Photo by Dustin Tramel on Unsplash When an experienced software engineer quits, replacing them is an expensive exercise in terms of costs and impact on productivity. First, it takes a few months to find a comparable replacement in the competitive market. Then it’s another month … Read more

Six Reasons Why vivo’s X80 Smartphone Series Should be on Your Radar

It is evident that the smartphone industry has seen benefits from vivo’s strong focus on mobile photography technology. Their X series has a consistent trend of introducing new smartphone camera features and being the first in the world to implement them. The camera experience on the vivo X series is the ideal environment to bring … Read more

3 Reasons Why Philosophy Can Make You a Better Programmer | by Matilde Aliffi | May, 2022

Philosophy and programming have a similar mindset Image by author I spent nine years of my life doing philosophy at a university institution. After master’s a bachelor’s, two masters, and a doctorate I decided to move away from academia and landed a job as a software engineer. I was surprised to discover that, even if … Read more

SAST in Secure SDLC: 3 Reasons to Integrate It in a DevSecOps Pipeline

Vulnerabilities produce enormous reputational and financial risks. As a result, many companies are fascinated by security and desire to build a secure development life cycle (SSDLC). So, today we’re going to discuss SAST — one of the SSDLC components. SAST (static application security testing) searches for security defects in application source code. SAST examines the … Read more