5 reasons you should buy these discounted AirPods Max on Black Friday

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7 reasons to love the Rust language—and 7 reasons not to

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These 4 Reasons Seal Your Scrum Team’s Failure | by Andreas D. | Aug, 2022

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Reasons MSPs Should Monitor Their GitHub Footprint

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7 reasons Java is still great

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Three Reasons Why Blogging Makes You a Better Developer | by Allen Helton | Jul, 2022

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7 Reasons to Choose Apache Pulsar over Apache Kafka

So why did we build our messaging service using Apache Pulsar? At DataStax, our mission is to empower developers to build cloud-native distributed applications by making cloud-agnostic, high-performance messaging technology easily available to everyone. Developers want to write distributed applications or microservices but don’t want the hassle of managing complex message infrastructure or getting locked … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Centralize Developer Tools, Processes, and People

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The Case Against Glorifying Developers for Wrong Reasons | by Manvik Kathuria | Jun, 2022

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Reasons Why DevOps Adoption Might Be of Help for Business

As far as this modern and tech-oriented IT domain goes, DevOps has become a standard to judge operations’ overall efficiency and smoothness. However, like it is with everything in the world, there is still a sizeable chunk of enterprises in the process of either understanding what it means or completely not being aware of it … Read more