Broadcast Receiver doesn’t work on Activity Recognition Android Kotlin

I’m trying to get activity transition from users on Pixel 2 API 30, Kotlin. The logs from onReceive doesn’t appear, so I guess the fun doesn’t call. It worked only once without changing anything. Class ActivityTransitionReceiver.kt package com.example.licenta_1 import android.content.BroadcastReceiver import android.content.Context import android.content.Intent import android.util.Log import android.widget.Toast import com.example.licenta_1.placeholder.Constants import import java.text.SimpleDateFormat import … Read more

python – Getting errors in installing face recognition lib

enter code hereI have vs code also installed cmake I have cloned face recognition library from GitHub site but in while doing python install I’m getting cmake error at cmakelist.txt:5(message):and another one is. raise calledprocesserror(ret code, cmd) here is the errorcreating copying face_recognition.egg-infoPKG-INFO -> copying face_recognition.egg-infoSOURCES.txt -> NFO copying face_recognition.egg-infodependency_links.txt -> … Read more

Node.js Implementation of Image Recognition Using TensorFlow and Express.js | by Aidan Tilgner | Jun, 2022

A beginner-friendly walkthrough to build an express server for image uploads Artificial Intelligence is quite the field, captivating our interests with its astonishing capabilities and complex nature. The technology has come a long way since the 1940s when the possibility of recreating a brain using electronics was first theorized. While most of its lifetime, artificial … Read more