What Happened to HornetQ, the JMS That Shattered Records?

HornetQ 2.0 broke records and defeated top-ranked messaging services in benchmark tests. Why wasn’t it widely adopted? Software vendors make all kinds of claims about their products, but what developers care about is proof. When testing a new product, it’s important to see how it stacks up against its competition. For years, researchers at UT … Read more

amazon web services – AWS Athena does not see records generated by Kinesis

I have a data pipeline where AWS API Gateway triggers lambda, which inserts events into Kinesis stream and writes them to S3 for Athena to query. I defined my stack using “serverless framework”, as below: service: analytic-event-collection provider: name: aws stage: ${opt:stage, ‘staging’} region: ${opt:region, ‘us-east-1’} runtime: nodejs12.x httpApi: cors: true iam: role: statements: – … Read more

I Forked “Asyncpg” — And It Parses Database Records to Numpy 20x Faster | by Vadim Markovtsev | Jun, 2022

Presenting the fork of asyncpg — asynchronous PostgreSQL client for Python — based on NumPy structured arrays Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash I hacked asyncpg — an asyncio PostgreSQL client library — to parse the SELECT-ed records from low-level PostgreSQL protocol directly to NumPy structured arrays without materializing Python objects, and avoided most of the … Read more

Select random records for each users using SQL server in efficient way

I have used the below query to select 5 random records for each shopperId and it is working fine but it is taking time to execute for large number of records (more than 100k records). So is there any way to improve the performance over large amount of data? SELECT * FROM (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER … Read more