How to Reduce Cloud Cost by 99% for EDA Kafka Apps

While the cloud offers great convenience and flexibility, the operational cost for applications in the cloud can sometimes be significant. This article shows a way to substantially reduce operating costs in latency-sensitive Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Java applications by migrating from Kafka to Chronicle Queue open-source, a more resource-efficient and lower-latency queue implementation. What is EDA? … Read more

javascript – GSAP and scrollmagic how to reduce the space between one end and the next start

I did a codepen example of the scroll animation I’m doing on a website. Everything is working as intended: when the first div of text and image goes to opacity 0, the next one comes to opacity 1 in the same place as the last one. But what I need to fix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat it’s … Read more

Use HTML With Htmx and Reduce the Amount of Code

HTML as the Center of the Universe The internet as we know it today is largely due to HTML and CSS. Javascript (JS) could act as a glue between them and make pages more dynamic and interactive, but the history of web programming developed differently. After the emergence of client-side rendering and other similar technologies, … Read more