c++ – Replacing multiple matches of the same regex in a string

I’m new to all things std::regex. I attempted to write code which will replace a certain pattern as defined in the DEFAULTS_SS_MARKER_REGEX below. I can do it once. The problem arises when I try to figure out how to replace multiple instances of that pattern. the source strings might contain just one instance of the … Read more

How can I extract URLs from a one line JSON text file using Regex in Python?

I’ve been trying to work this out, but I can only seem to get one URL to be exported to the output file. The code I am currently using is… import glob, re with open(‘urls.txt’, ‘a’) as output: for file in glob.glob(‘json.txt’): with open(file, ‘r’) as f: for line in f.readlines(): pattern = r”(http|ftp|https)://([w_-]+(?:(?:.[w_-]+)+))([w.,@?^=%&:/~+#-]*[w@?^=%&/~+#-])” find … Read more