optaplanner – Why does my Tabu search step score keep decreasing in REPRODUCIBLE mode, but not in FAST_ASSERT mode

I have modeled an overconstrained rostering problem and implemented incremental score calculations based on constraint streams. Strangely enough, my local search performance is very poor when I set the environment mode to REPRODUCIBLE, but not when I set it to FAST_ASSERT. I ran the benchmarker with the following configuration: <plannerBenchmark xmlns=”https://www.optaplanner.org/xsd/benchmark” xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xsi:schemaLocation=”https://www.optaplanner.org/xsd/benchmark https://www.optaplanner.org/xsd/benchmark/benchmark.xsd”> <benchmarkDirectory>/Users/martijn/Downloads/benchmark</benchmarkDirectory> … Read more

Write Reproducible, Reversible, Tested ML Code With No Time Lost | by Joseph Gardi | Jun, 2022

Plus how to speed up your iteration speed I’m not kidding. But the difference between a pro and a junior dev is using vim’s y, x, and p rather than ctrl-C. Image from: https://pin.it/7liORTR I often see new coders saying they’re not sure if they should write the code quickly or write good code. This … Read more